Tokyo, Japan Jun 4, 2024 ( - the 2024 ZHEJIANG SERVICE TRADE EXHIBITION (JAPAN) hosted by the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province was successfully held at the Ariake International Exhibition Hall in Tokyo, Japan, to display the achievements of the provinces AI industry and the development of digital trade in an all-round manner in the form of exhibition-within-exhibition.

The exhibition is based on AI EXPO JAPAN, which is the worlds leading trade show for AI services and one of the most important events of NexTech Week. The exhibition brings together AI, blockchain, and other related research, applications, equipment, and services, and is mainly aimed at AI tech companies in a wide range of industrial fields, such as core technologies, smart terminals, smart city services and the Internet of Things (IoT), smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, and smart business, and introduces advanced products, technologies, and services to various industries.

A total of eight excellent AI enterprises from Zhejiang Province exhibited at the exhibition, bringing various AI technology services and solutions on the spot. In recent years, scientific and technological innovation has achieved new breakthroughs, and innovations in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology have continued to emerge. This exhibition is not only a display of the latest achievements of the artificial intelligence industry in Zhejiang, but also a showcase for the world to show that Zhejiang is building a leading artificial intelligence industry development highland. At the same time, the exhibition is deeply centered on the digital economy innovation and quality, to grasp the strategic initiative of AI development, and to deepen in-depth exchanges and cooperation with RCEP countries in the field of AI, as well as in the field of trade in services and digital trade.

This years AI EXPO JAPAN attracted hundreds of exhibitors from dozens of countries and regions around the world, including many internationally renowned AI companies and organizations. Zhejiang AI enterprises went abroad as a group, continuously promoting AI products and services to go out, enhancing the influence of the Zhejiang AI industry in the world, further demonstrating the important purpose of Service of Zhejiang Serve the World, and speeding up and empowering the high-quality development of digital trade.

Source :CREAT

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