Amer Foundation Advocates for Justice in Washington D.C.

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Washington, D.C, District of Columbia May 2, 2024 ( - This week, representatives of the Amer Foundation, Zoya Fakhoury and Guila Fakhoury, traveled to the nation's capital to meet with members of Congress, highlighting the case of the late Amer Fakhoury who tragically passed away following his illegal detention by the Hezbollah-influenced Lebanese government. Key meetings included discussions with Congressman Joe Wilson, a staunch advocate for accountability in the Amer Fakhoury case.

The Amer Foundation, established in the memory of Amer Fakhoury, seeks justice for individuals wrongfully detained abroad and promotes the rule of law and human rights. The foundation representatives addressed the critical situation in the Middle East, emphasizing the importance of fully implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701. Adopted to resolve the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah conflict, Resolution 1701 calls for a full cessation of hostilities, the deployment of Lebanese and UN forces, and the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, including Hezbollah, to ensure peace and stability in the region.

A shocking development in Amer Fakhoury's case was brought to light during the meetings: the Lebanese judge who presided over his case admitted on live television that he had been pressured by Hezbollah to arrest Fakhoury and admitted that it was a violation of Lebanese law. This revelation reinforces the need for international scrutiny and accountability.

Congressman Joe Wilson presented the Amer Foundation with the 2025 fiscal budget proposed by the Republican Study Committee, which includes specific language aimed at holding those responsible for Amer Fakhoury's unlawful detention accountable. The budget also proposes conditions on aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces, ensuring that U.S. assistance does not support entities implicated in human rights abuses.

The Amer Foundation is resolute in continuing its efforts for justice and accountability. "We are heartened by the support of Congressman Wilson and other members of Congress who recognize the gravity of what happened to Amer Fakhoury," said Zoya Fakhoury. "We hope that, through continued advocacy, we will see a meaningful change in policy and a commitment to uphold human rights, ensuring that what happened to Amer does not happen to another innocent person."

The Foundation urges the international community and members of Congress to join in their efforts to champion accountability and prevent further injustices. Through collaboration and perseverance, the Amer Foundation believes that truth and justice will prevail, bringing solace to the Fakhoury family and deterring future violations of international law.

For more information about the Amer Foundation and its mission, or to schedule an interview with Zoya Fakhoury or Guila Fakhoury, please contact us at [email protected]

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The Amer Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of wrongfully detained individuals worldwide and to pursuing justice for Amer Fakhoury. The Foundation works to promote the rule of law, human rights, and accountability in the Middle East and beyond.

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