Fires, Storms, Freezes, Global Warming, National Press' References of 'Apocalyptic' More than Sensationalism

Dr Steven DavidSon

The Leader of the Nation’s Largest Virtual Church Reveals the US as the Strategic Center of Apocalypse...

Dallas, Texas Sep 6, 2021 ( - Dallas, Texas 9/6/21. It was not unusual for news reports to use the term 'apocalyptic' as events unfolded around the nation including fires continuing in the West, Hurricane Ida, and storms in the South. Thereafter, record floods and tornadoes in the Northeast. According to Dr. Steven DavidSon, the Nation's Christ-based Leader the term apocalypse is more than a coincidence.

"Definitely, it is not coincidental. Journalists and others rightfully use the term when witnessing relentless or record-breaking, unexplainable events in nature or otherwise. The term apocalypse as we know it has its origin in Koine Greek translated to 'reveal' known better worldwide by the final book in the Bible, Revelation."

DavidSon does not care to be considered a doomsday soothsayer when things go wrong. He amasses evidence like a skillful litigator with meticulous consideration of significant research principles: 1. He considers events over Ages as he has studied the topic for nearly a half-Century when he first began writing about apocalyptic events. 2. He carefully determines how the evidence meets the Biblical narrative of the Apocalypse. 3. He ensures the findings meet the Scriptural standard of lawful proof. 4. He has no interest in being 'pop' to sell apocalyptic products and merchandise as some have done who have made millions.

"There's no question that we are guided by many of the same principles of solid scholarship. We're rigorous in our approach. Our faith calls for nothing less. As with the sciences or the law, standards of proof are even more important Biblically including peer examination. What we postulate Biblically should be explained and open to critique. And we have no commercial interest with such a critical topic to the Universal Church."

DavidSon provides a few examples in 2021 alone. "If you follow my work closely, we called the events that would lead to the insurrection against the Capitol nearly toppling Democracy as we know it. And the threat is not over. Consider we're less than four percent of the world's population, but this nation accounted for a significantly disproportionate share of the sickness and deaths until the advent of the vaccines. The nation stands alone as the most violent of the industrialized nations with mass gun violence. Ironically, it's a nation of great blessings and opportunity, yet the level of internal strife, social toxicity, political angst, and national division across racial and cultural lines are all the fault lines of a crumbling society. President Lincoln opined 'a house/nation divided cannot stand.' Lincoln was not the original author of those words. Lincoln was quoting the Creator of humanity in his view. The Son of God, Jesus the Christ (Luke 11:14-18). Add the fact that the greatest threat to this nation is not foreign terrorists, it's the terrorist threat within the homeland according to top governing officials. Now, include the weather and other unexplainable events. We must not forget the utter collapse (Apostasy) of White Evangelicals to a grossly immoral governing authority before the world (an apocalyptic event) in and of itself (2 Thessalonians 2). All documented here is merely an example of so much more evidence."

DavidSon invites persons to read Revelation Chapters 17-18 with these facts in view. He believes the United States is most likely the nation in question. It is the 'epicenter' of Apocalyptic activity.  "I asked my ninety-three-year-old mother to read the referenced chapters some years ago. She's well known in her circles as an adept Biblical Student and excellent Christian Educator. She retorted, 'is this the United States.' The similarities in the chapter to the United States are remarkable. I smiled in response.

I'm not dogmatic. I'm more cautious than that. I'll use statistical terminology without the functions. I'm 95% confident with a reasonable Margin of Error. Or as some would say who use gambling vernacular, the US is the odds-on-favorite to fulfill the referenced Apocalyptic chapters. This is why we are witnessing so many diverse events in nature and humanity mounting against the nation in such a short time with swift replication. These are a precursor, or what's called a 'type' or preview theologically. It is too much evidence to be coincidental.  Too much detail to be a broad generalization.  Meanwhile, let those who have ears to hear prepare!"

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DavidSon has a website in the ministry's web enterprise of eighteen sites, where anyone can view his works on this topic. It also includes a Saint's Survival Kit on preparation for apocalyptic events.


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