Join Summer Fest Presents with Long Beach Reggae.Fest

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Long Beach, California Jun 15, 2024 ( - See you at the Beach ..Summer Fest.PresntsThat "Long Beach Reggae Festival" Event
Get ready for the amazing experience vibe of the reggae All-American event


Summer Fest presents fun u Dr the Sun Shoreline Villages.

Overlooking the iconic Queen Mary

Join the beats of the Caribbean vibes of Reggae vibes.

July 4th weekend is the All-American time to see many local vendors and Brands this season. Bring the kids family friends tourists etc.

There will be health and fitness.

Summer Fest has had over 7 years of successfully doing beach shows with 100's of thousands of guests. In 2024 our goal is the same while entertaining the community. 

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We will bring attention to the homeless and educational programs we can help our community with. This year we will start in Long Beach and end the year in Venice Beach. Summer Fest 2025 will amaze the world as there are more plans scheduled. Take your vacation break this summer in Long Beach on July 4th week and on Saturday plan for an amazing experience overlooking the oceanfront of Shoreline Villages and the iconic Queen Mary. 200 Aquarium Way. There is ample parking drinks and food for all ages. To get more details go to

Early Bird TICKETS $20
Vendor Early Birds ENDING. If you haven't!!! Deadline here.


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