Meet the Only Sheriff in Oklahoma Endorsed by Restore Liberty Oklahoma!

Eddie Virden for Osage County Sheriff

Bartlesville, Oklahoma Jun 10, 2024 ( - Restore Liberty is revered for working for American citizens' true liberty; this time, the organization has endorsed Sheriff Eddie Virden from Osage County, best known for protecting the community. With over three decades of career experience, Eddied has an amazing track record, with his expertise in the fields of law and dedication to enforcing them. He is a protector of human rights and now, Restore Liberty will help to expand the journey.

Sheriff Eddie Virden has received the Medal of Honor from the Bartlesville Police Department for his precious contributions to the community. With his leadership, guidance, and bravery, Eddie has helped to empower many American citizens through his 37 years of law enforcement. Find out more about the Sheriff at

"If you want to know what Restore Liberty is looking for in a constitutional sheriff candidate, get to know this guy.  Anything short of this sheriff's understanding of his duties and his overall philosophy and character and no endorsement can be made.  His constituents and their absolute protection are his primary concern. His incorporation of faith into his position and calling there is very clear when speaking with him.  Congratulations, Sheriff Virden!", State Director Wendi Montgomery Dial and the Oklahoma Restore Liberty Team.

Restore Liberty is a non-profit organization that is committed to serving the communities of American Citizens. It ensures sovereignty for US Citizens and helps them embrace their human rights without any fear of the Government or any other power. Representing the values of common people, this organization is capable of offering support for every individual. Restore Liberty is planning a handful of projects with Sheriff Eddie to establish the true meaning of freedom for all. Visit know more.


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