Petitioner seeks NJ Attorney General GURBIR S. GREWAL resignation, and the firing of his Deputy A.G. minions.

Gurbir S Grewal New Jersey Attorney General

You have not cleaned up any CORRUPTION in this State, and have only added to it.

Trenton, New Jersey Mar 19, 2021 ( - Petitioner seeks NJ AG's resignation- USCA Third Circuit; Case No.: 20-1870

A retired New York Police Department sergeant is asking for New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal to resign and NJ State Police Detective Mudduser Malik to be fired.

John Marchisotto, the man launching the petition, says both men have violated their oath of office. He accuses the detective of perjury. He accuses the AG of defending the detective while knowing the officer lied under oath. He calls the defense an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars.

In a filing with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, he says the officer failed to tell the court everything the judge needed to know about obtaining a search warrant for Mr. Marchisotto's New Jersey home. The purpose of the search was a Red Flag gun seizure.

Mr. Marchisotto said the Red Flag was also a red herring as he'd done nothing wrong. He said he is not totally certain why Det. Malik has a vendetta against him.

"His personal problems with me are beside the point. He is an officer of the law, just as I was before I retired. I know what a law enforcement officer is supposed to do. Det. Malik is not doing that," he said. "I am the target of discriminatory and baseless attacks."

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Police officers must set aside their personal opinions and views and enforce the law fairly, the retired sergeant said. When officers do not do this, they must be held accountable under the very law they are to enforce.

"I'm seeking justice, not just for me, but for everyone. If Detective Malik came after me this way, then who else has he unjustly pursued in the past? Who will he go after in the future? This is just not right," Mr. Marchisotto said.

In a related filing, the retired NYPD officer is seeking $10 billion in damages, none of which he plans to keep. He said every penny will go to a charity.

"I am just after justice. I want the right thing to be done," he said. "The New Jersey State judicial system should be fair and impartial. It is not and we need to change things.

Please help me with my petition and together we can make a difference and set things right."

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