Radio Neshat Celebrates the Prestigious Awards Night on July 20th, 2024

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Melbourne, Victoria Jun 21, 2024 ( - Radio is one of the most influential communication mediums, reaching out to millions at once. One such popular radio station is Radio Neshat, celebrating its big and prestigious awards ceremony on July 20th, 2024 at the Shopping Town Hotel. It is the only 24-hour Farsi-language radio that the Australian government accredits. Radio Nishant proudly intends to introduce the most qualified and best individuals in various and diverse fields on a memorable night. On July 20th, the radio station aims to honor and encourage Farsi-speaking activists in Australia.

The radio station was launched to create a warm, happy, and more intimate ambiance in the country of Australia while informing citizens about the rules and various ways of living in the land. The federal government approves Neshat Media with the brand name Radio Neshat Australia along with the state governments and territories of the country. Now it aims to honor the best and most qualified and hardworking individuals in the fields of science, sports, music, literature, cinema, entrepreneurship, and media. The most deserving experts in the above-mentioned fields will be awarded at the ceremony and receive a statue of honor in this memorable event from the authority. This is the first Radio Neshat award night and the authority has planned to celebrate this event every two years. Know more details at:

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