Ricky Byrum Unvails Powerful Double Release


Suffolk, Virginia Jun 19, 2024 ( - In a much-anticipated moment for fans and followers, Ricky Byrum, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, has unveiled a double release that promises to be a transformative experience for audiences worldwide. Titled "Greater is He," the new CD and the accompanying book, "Greater is He Thats In Me (Than he thats in the world)," marks a significant milestone in Byrum's artistic journey. The "Greater is He" CD is a musical journey that showcases Byrum's abilities as a vocalist and lyricist alongside his passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Featuring a diverse range of tracks, the album seamlessly blends various genres, including contemporary Christian, gospel, and worship. Byrum's soul-stirring voice takes center stage, delivering each note with passion and conviction. The title track, "Greater is He," serves as the anthem for the entire collection, carrying a message of hope, faith, and the overwhelming power of divine love through Christ. And the hope to encourage all who read and hear the music. The Music CD is now available across all major media outlets including as follow: the Spotify link here:

The Youtube link:

Dr. Victoria "Tori Tellem" Hoffman - Ricky Byrum Unveils Powerful Double Release: & quote ;Greater is He & ; CD and Book

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Source :Ricky Byrum- Burning Bush Productions

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