Roger Stone Scores Again! And Pundits Running Scared!


New York Times Best Selling Author, political strategist and personal friend to President Donald Trump is releasing the bombshell of the political season. In his latest book, Spartacus: The Real Cory Booker Story will have pundits looking for cover.

New York City, New York Sep 3, 2021 ( - Roger Stone is at his best! His latest gem, Spartacus: the REAL Cory Booker is said to be the blockbuster of the political season by veteran politicians. And many are starting to scramble.

There is NO stone unturned, no pun intended.  Strategists are gearing up to counter the punch this truth-teller is landing that will knock many seasoned politicians out of the water, starting with Senator Cory Booker. 

Here's a sneak peek:



"What does Cory Booker smell like?"

"He smells like the future."

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Who is the real Cory Booker? He is a professional conman. Until now, he has manipulated the Democratic Party and the media into the idea that he is a political superhero. This book tells the truth.

Although an abysmal failure as a presidential contender, Cory Booker remains emblematic of today's Democratic Party; corrupt, arrogant, race-obsessed, and held to a different standard. How did someone so limited in talent, ability, and truth-adverse get so far?

Booker's "I am Spartacus!" announcement during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings to launch his 2020 presidential campaign reflected this self-aggrandizement that dates to the beginning of his political career in Newark, New Jersey. But Booker quickly stopped talking about Kavanaugh after the nominee was accused of molesting a teen girl in high school and Booker was revealed to have boasted about the same thing in a college newspaper column. The episode neatly captured Booker's dilemma as he vies to lead the uprising against Donald Trump. Just about everything bad Booker would accuse his enemies of, he has done himself!

This power-packed truth-teller is going to unseat many politicians; No election will see this much steam rising from one story.


A must-have for future lawyers, ideal for first-time candidates, and makes a great gift for Christmas or birthdays, or your personal reading library.

The book is scheduled to release September 15, 2021, on a hardcover.  For a limited time, the author will personally sign several copies.  Don't miss this historic moment.


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