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Birmingham, Alabama Jun 10, 2024 ( - NICK of the most progressive and well-received talents in the music industry today, has recently released his new EP Album entitled Northern Lights. This artist is currently on a USA Album Tour 2024, and not only is he a prolific performer, songwriter and storyteller, but his other music industry crafts include producing as well. Ray spends countless hours in studio mode and preparing for his upcoming tour schedules. For the many stages of opportunities that await, Ray is finding favor with the new EP Album that is being talked about all over the country.

Ray's single release Northern Lights after the titled EP, has been recognized as reflective and connected to the beauty of earthly creations. His descriptions and musical track grip the heart of the subject matter. While on tour, Ray mainly plays his acoustic version of this song, and he commands attention from young and old alike. Along with Rays soulful and strong vocal presentation, you can feel it when he opens his mouth to perform.

Northern Lights: 

Other recognized songs off this EP Album include; Built To Last, Hurricane, That Girl, etc. which are public favorites as well. Offering a highly diverse selection of creative works in Rays tone, rhythm, and message delivery, he has certainly reached a level of interest with wide audiences and followers.

Most recently, Ray has been Formally Sponsored by Godin & Art & Lutherie Guitars based out of Canada. You can find this artist on most all social media platforms and his YouTube Channel:

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