StorageChain LLC and BitMobile Partner for Web3 iCloud Alternative in Blockchain Phones.

StorageChain will be the Web3 Decentralized Cloud of the incoming Phenix X

Los Angeles, California May 19, 2024 ( - StorageChain LLC, a leading provider of decentralized cloud storage solutions utilizing IPFS technology, is thrilled to announce a major customer implementation with Finnovant Inc.'s BitMobile, a company pioneering the development of next-generation blockchain mobile phones. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of blockchain technology, combining BitMobiles cutting-edge phone technology with StorageChain's secure, fast, and cost-effective decentralized cloud storage solutions.

BitMobile is set to release its highly anticipated next-generation blockchain phone, the Phnix X, which promises to redefine mobile communication and security standards. With a focus on privacy, security, and decentralized applications, BitMobiles phone represents the future of mobile technology.

As part of the partnership, StorageChain will provide web3 decentralized cloud storage backup for the Phnix X mobile phone devices. The StorageChain service works very similarly to the iCloud backup for iPhone but leverages the StorageChain Network and web3 technologies. Each Phnix X mobile phone user can back up all their photos, videos, and other data to the StorageChain Network for fast and secure data backup and retrieval. StorageChain offers solutions that are not only more secure but also faster and more cost-effective than traditional cloud storage methods.

Chris Dominguez, CEO of StorageChain LLC, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with BitMobile in revolutionizing the blockchain phone industry. By integrating our decentralized cloud storage solutions with BitMobiles cutting-edge phone technology, we are empowering users with unprecedented levels of security, privacy, and accessibility. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing blockchain innovation and delivering superior solutions to our customers."

Brian Maw, CEO of Finnovant, also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "At BitMobile, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology and empowering users with greater control over their data. Our partnership with StorageChain allows the Phnix X phone to offer a seamless web3 secure cloud storage
solution in our ecosystem where privacy and security are paramount."

The collaboration between StorageChain LLC and BitMobile represents a significant step forward in the integration of blockchain technology into everyday devices. With a shared vision of innovation and excellence, both companies are poised to drive transformative changes in the mobile industry.

About StorageChain LLC: StorageChain LLC is a leading provider of decentralized cloud storage solutions utilizing IPFS technology. With a focus on security, speed, and affordability, StorageChain offers innovative decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) solutions for individuals and businesses seeking reliable cloud storage.

About BitMobile: BitMobile, a subsidiary of Finnovant Inc., is dedicated to revolutionizing the mobile technology landscape in Africa. With a focus on affordability, security, education and innovation, BitMobile aims to empower individuals across the continent by providing access to cutting-edge smartphones and digital services.
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