Growk Services Welcomes Phil Usher as New Chief Operating Officer

Phil Usher COO Growk Services

Austin, Texas Jun 17, 2024 ( - Growk Services, a premier nearshore partner and pioneer in innovation through its distinctive Staff Augmentation and Build-Operate-Transfer approach, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Phil Usher as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Phil brings over 14 years of experience in B2B nearshore services and strategic planning, coupled with a reputation for building dynamic program management divisions that support organizational growth and business expansion.

Throughout his distinguished career, Phil has demonstrated an exceptional ability to ensure alignment with organizational policies and collective bargaining agreements, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment. His collaborative approach and capacity to partner with teams and departments to advance and support cross-team and departmental efforts make him an invaluable addition to Growk Services.

"I am excited to join Growk Services and contribute to its mission of delivering innovative business solutions," said Phil Usher. "My focus will be on leveraging my experience to build strong program management divisions, ensuring alignment with organizational policies, and fostering collaboration across teams. Together, we will navigate the complexities of today's market dynamics and drive the company's growth and success."

Phil is known for his ability to simplify sophisticated issues, making them easily comprehensible for a broader audience. This skill will be particularly valuable in managing complex projects that require clear communication and understanding among stakeholders. His resilience, strong management, and people skills, combined with his technical knowledge, position him perfectly to provide guidance and leadership in various aspects, including outreach, enrollment, distributions, site capacity, site relocations, safety, and communication initiatives.

"We are delighted to welcome Phil Usher to the Growk Services team," said Juan Carlos Rea, CEO of Growk Services. "His extensive experience, strategic insight, and collaborative approach will be instrumental in driving our growth and expanding our capabilities. We look forward to achieving new milestones under his leadership."

About Growk Services

Growk Services stands as a leading nearshore partner, renowned for its innovative Staff Augmentation and Build-Operate-Transfer model. Our mission is to help companies reduce costs, enhance business capacity, and secure talented teams, consistently delivering exceptional value to our clients. For further details, please visit

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