**Young Life South L.A. Launches Fundraising Campaign to Empower Local Youth**

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Los Angeles, California Jun 11, 2024 ( - **A Personal Motivation:**

Area Director Almanzie Warren affectionately known as "Zee by the kids, is driven by a deeply personal mission. Motivated by the tragic loss of his brother to gun violence in South L.A. years ago, Zee is committed to creating safe and positive experiences for local youth. One of his key initiatives is to send kids to summer camp, providing them with an opportunity to leave South L.A. and escape the seasonal uptick in violence.

"Our goal is to give these kids a chance to experience something different, something positive," Zee shared. "By getting them out of the city during the summer, we can help them avoid the dangers of violence and instead focus on growth, learning, and fun."

**About Young Life International:**